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Hold the phone

It's yet another designer

Lowdown :::::::::

Just another fella who enjoys playing with Photoshop, websites 'n' all that kinda stuff!

So here we are, just what the world needs, another web designer, clogging up the system, taking up space, and begging for a little attention.

Well, hello there. My name is Tim Andrews, and I've been designing interactive, webby, visual things for far too many years now.

Sometimes I really enjoy it and sometimes I don't. It's a little 50 50.

Still, today I'd say that I'm probably I'm having a rocking rolling time of it.

So that's nice.

Designs :::::::::

Five categories for your visual, aesthetic, and designeryesque pleasure, my friend!

Rather neatly, if not spectacularly, I've manage to crush all this design work into 5 categories that all begin with the letter I.

This appears to be rather lyrical, but probably costs me on the SEO. Still, if life were all about adjusting our voice for mechanical synonym tracking systems, what a darned dull life it would be Tim Andrews Tim Andrews, web design, web design Tim Andrews.

Anyway, for what it's worth, at the moment I've racked up the following number of ideas:

FAQs :::::::::

Why the name?

Well, at the time I thought it was quite a cool web designery name. Clearly it isn't any more. The good old friendly neighbourhood lefthandnav is lying in a pool of it's own orderly pixel blood. Still, it's where we are really, so it'll have to do.

What's your favourite website?

I like all the ones that are worse than mine.

Who are your favourite web designers?

Oh, I hate them all. Every darned last one of them!! Him, and her, and her, and him. Oh, ok, if I had to pick some favourites they would be Cuban Council for really all that great work they did on K10K, Paravel for really beautiful spacing and coherency to their designs, and Joshua Davis for being the cutting edge beyond the cutting edge, and for being able to pull off the whole tattoo skater thing with ease.

What do you love about web design?

The opportunity to tinker away at things endlessly in a tiny box. It's like DIY for physically lacking idiots who quiver at the thought of jigsaws, drillsbits, and pinhammers.

What do you hate about web design?

The way Twitter has given rise to relentless self promotion over enduring, startling work. Hopefully it's just a phase.

What kit do you use?

This site was made mainly using a slooooow 12 year old Evesham PC, Notepad++, and Photoshop 7. Welcome to the future, kids. You can make websites with anything. Just about.

What's the capital of Hungary?

That's easy. It's Bucharest. Definitely. Oh. Wait...

When can I have more delicious FAQs?

Oh there will be more, but just not yet.

Are you available for freelance work?

You've looked at this site, and you're actually interested?!!

I love your glasses - can I have them?

No, get your own.