Chrome tabs tabby tablet tabbing +


Steve Jobs definitely had a point, about quite a few things, and specifically about hit states on touch devices. Chrome is great. We all know that. It’s Chrome. It’s quick, beautiful and comes with anodine style life ads, and slightly cheery non specific plinky plonky music. It tries so hard to be a part of us. It wants us to cry.


Designing without listening (to the guy with the smarter idea than you) +

Designing without listening

Keep those eyes peeled for magical design ideas, before they disappear into the night

The life of a web designer can be a tricky little one. On the one hand it’s a fun and cool little job, full of creativity, pixels, and japes. On the other hand it can be just a little bit scary.

‘Hello Mr PM. Cool new brief? Fantastic! Make it amazing? By tomorrow? Help!’


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